Submitting artwork for the OBAC Members’ Gallery

For those members wishing to submit their work for inclusion in the ‘Members’ Gallery’ of the
website, please review the following guidelines before forwarding digital images to the web


We'd like some context for your paintings, so please:
  • Include a digital photograph of yourself.
  • Biography:  Please provide a short biography not to exceed 250 words.  Remember this will
    represent you for a period of many months/years, so keep the wording "timeless".  Within the
    limits of reasonable space, feel free to include any previous/current exhibitions, education,
  • Have fun, as your biography and photo represents you.  
  • Please include your personal artist website for inclusion, if you have one.


  • A maximum of 6 images of artwork for each artist may be exhibited accompanied by titles,
    dimensions, and medium.
  • Dimensions refers to the painting itself, not including the frame.
  • The title is the name of the artwork, not your file name.
  • Digital image files must be of high quality using JPG format and a minimum file size of
    500KB  - this ensures high quality of the images when enlarged on the website.
  • Please send all images as an attachment to an email,  not embedded in the email.  


  • Your work will show up on the Members’ Gallery page – no charge.  We will be hosting two
    "Featured Artists" of OBAC free each month on the home page – we will rotate through all of
    the membership.
  • Your contact information i.e. email address will be shown on the webpage.   
  • Please manage your expectations of the website.  We're all learning how to make this work
    best for OBAC, so keep your thoughts and feedback constructive.
  • Forward all information to the web manager at